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Monday, October 14, 2013

::Allergies, Smallergies::

Our sweet little Grant has had such terrible skin ever since he was born, and our pediatrician for a couple of months has been suggesting we take him to see an allergist in hopes to nail down a way to help him become more comfortable. So, we did...and here's what we found out. He's allergic to everything good. ;) haha! Teasing, but kind of not. He's allergic to wheat, soy, peanuts, milk, eggs, oats, and corn. hmmm...that's a LOT of things. So, avoidance was what the allergist suggested so I haven't eaten ANY of these things since that day. We're going on almost 6 weeks now. Yes, I'm hungry but you'd do it for your child, too! I have no doubt. :) At first, his skin cleared up instantly. We were so excited!! He seems to be having breakouts again now, though, so we're wondering if it's something besides just these food allergies that is causing his skin to become so irritated. Luckily right now these allergies are causing his skin to be raw and even bleeding much of the time, but it's not anything life threatening. So that's good...and there's a chance he could out-grow many of these allergies before he's three, so that's what we're praying. ;) We have another appointment coming up to see if the allergist has any other suggestions and just as a we shall see. Little man keeps us on our toes, but we just want him to be comfortable. Even amidst his worst breakouts, he's got the sweetest disposition and happy spirit. SO thankful for him. ;) We love you, little Grant Michael.

Right after his testing...awh :(
::happy boy::
 ::love those baby blues::

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