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Friday, September 27, 2013

::Back to School Time::

BOO! hehe. Just teasing. I know school is very important and I do love seeing our kids be challenged and learn. Don't get me wrong. I just hate alarm setting, and rigid schedules. Such is life with children in I might as well start to see the bright side. So we really enjoyed getting school supplies and getting all ready to go this year. Mason is now in the FIRST grade and little Cash is in pre-school. Mason's teacher is Mrs. Grochocki (which is a sweet friend of ours from church) and Cash's teachers are dear friends of ours as well (Miss Heidi and Miss Nikki). The year is off to a great start...fall break is in just a couple of weeks and we're excited for that! haha!!!

Mason has been really challenged in the Traditional Academy @ Scott Libby this year and is really enjoyed it and is learning so much!!
Mason's Open house night...
 two thumbs up!
 Cash is at Greatleaps Preschool and is learning so much and being a great student. 
 ::open house::
::sweet daddy's boy::
It's been a great start to the year...and both boys are really loving their schools...that helps mommy's heart manage these milestones with a little more grace. Don't get me wrong still bawled like a baby when both boys went, but some say that may always happen. Every year. Sorry boys...I'll hide it from you. ;)

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